Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)


Indian Classical Music


I have sustained so many of the shocks of separation, the griefs of faithfulness that I am no longer able to perform the service of passion,
My heart was worthy to be presented in the court of passion and it was duly presented and I prided myself on that, but now it is capable of nothing.
(The heart on which I prided myself, did not remain.)
(The heart that would be presented in the humility of passion, that heart is no longer with me.)
I leave the world bearing the scar of the longing for existence,
I am an extinguished candle, I am no longer worthy of the gathering.
(It is a complaint against Lord. This candle did not go out voluntarily, it has been put out.)
(My heart did not want to die. When a candle is extinguished the wick keeps glimmering for a long time, as it is longing for existence.)
(There is not a hint of reproach and no indication that anyone is to blame.)

Now I ought to devise some entirely different way for dying, my wretched condition lost me the help of the murderer,
Having seen the lover's condition, the murderer felt pity, she has withdrawn her hand and weapons from killing.
(I am no longer worthy of the hand and arm of the killer.)
(The pleasure is that he has not specified any scheme to die.)
(My state has become so altered that she considers me unworthy prey.)
The way a mirror accepts reflections, it makes no distinction as to whether it is the heart of a mystical knower or worldly person,
All the six directions are before the eyes, the world and the things in the world are all before the eyes, and the eyes are amazing, the perfect and defective, are unable to understand the mysteries of the world.
(The way mirror accepts reflections and makes no distinctions, this is the same way the image of the mystic knower's illuminated heart.)
(This verse is the summarized story of a long mental and spiritual journey of the "GHALIB".)
The veils that were there in addition to it, extreme of ardor has lifted,
The distinction between beholder and beheld remains, this the obstacle because the eye can not see it.
(Ardor for self-display has opened the ties of the veil of beauty---every grain, every leaf, every drop of the Divine Glory. But the difficulty is that the beholder's outer eye cannot see it. Thus except for the sight, no veil remains between them.)
(If the outer eye would open, then the outward veil can be lifted.)
Despite the fact that I remained ensnared in the grief and sorrow of the world,
But my heart at any time or in any situation never neglected your memory.
(This the verse of very high level. This is proverbial.)
(This is an especially sufistic style.)
Now even the longing for the garden of faithfulness has been erased from the heart,
The reason is that after faithfulness, I did not find the tillage of faithfulness to be anything but longing and regret.
(It may be the world, it may be beloved.)
(The granary of the heart is empty, in it, the only harvest is the longing, regret of a harvest.)
(It is the lover's own passionate cultivation of stony ground that has reduced him to despair.)
The tyranny of passion is not such that I can not endure it, I do not fear the injustice of passion, oh "ASAD",
The oppression-enduring heart that was in my breast, and which I prided myself, that heart no longer remains.
(Now who will endure injustice, when the heart itself did not remain.)