Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)


Indian Classical Music

Compiled Thoughts-21

211. A man can fail many times, but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody.

212. Nobody will think you are somebody if you do not think so yourself.

213. Tell a person he is brave and you help him become so.

214. The most important time in life is the present.

215. After your death, you will be what you were before your birth.

216. A minute of success pays the failure of years.

217. Do not buy big shoes if you can not grow your feet.

218. A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights.

219. You may delay, but time will not.

220. Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.