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The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)


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My Maternal Grand Mother




{Kolkata (Noihatee, Madral)]



By this time I have spent 14 years of my life.


Vacation of Durga Pooja (A very important spiritual festival of India) is over, educational institutes have resumed their schedules.


That day was Tuesday and I was having my lunch with my classmates. The gardener of my home came running searching for me.


Me:- What happened Dada, suddenly?

Dada:- A call had come from Madral. Your granny is hopeless as per the family physician. Everybody has gone for Madral except daadee(My paternal grand mother). She asked you to reach home asap.

I took permission from the headmaster and reached at home within half an hour.


Daadee(Granny) advised me to have some food and then start for Madral.

I did whatever she asked and after freshen up I started for Siyaldaah railway station.

Now, before proceeding further few briefing is necessary.


I was born, brought up and educated at Kolkata, Bhavinipur. Bhavanipur 24 pargana is near to Howrah railway station.

My maternal home is at Madral.

To reach Madral you have to board a local train from Siyaldaah railway station for Naihaatee railway station. From Naihaatee railway station you can reach Madral by auto-rickshaw or by bus.


My Granny never went anywhere except temples.


When I started from home it was 5.30 pm.

And when I reached Naihaatee railway station it was 7 pm.

It was too cold, dark and raining.


When I came out of the station, saw Shaymal was sitting in his shop.

Shyamal's father was a supervisor in my maternal grandfather's farmhouse.


Shyamal:- What happened, dada. At this time?

Me:- You are here all day, that is why you do not know. My Naanee is very sick. That is why I am in an emergency. When you are going home?


Shyamal:- Oh! So sorry to hear this. But today I am unable to leave the shop. Because of this heavy rain, some repair work is required to be completed, but even after paying in advance, the contractor has not turned up. If the ceiling starts leaking, then all the goods, cigarettes, bidis, tobaccos, battles will be destroyed and it will be a heavy loss for a small businessman like me. And at this time auto-rickshaw is not available. What I suggest, you take my bicycle, umbrella and battery torch and go by yourself. Your presence there is very required.

I accepted his advice. 


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