Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)


Indian Classical Music

Torment Snare

When I carved the non-existent by dream, it transformed into an idol,

In view of the chief my being is declared infidel and fiendish.

Each pain stayed in each breath, each pain took out each breath,

Nature of each breath for the lane, each breath every time tried to finish.

Killer is always in the process of finishing my frail entity from planet,

How cleverly applied the salt on the wound, saying medicine and seals.

With dying efforts pampered the oppressor, in dream, went in vain,

With dying efforts tried to be oppressor, but pronounced as ills.

Parting will happen, leisure will come, if came out of torment snare,

In that effort, each moment, the being become frail entity, which kills.

Rabindranath Banerjee (Ranjan)