Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)


Let irritation of sadness emerge again for better,

Let impression lands in her prayers with power for better.

Time has viewed this entity all the way as destitute,

If she corrects this carelessness will be for better.

Incidentally injuries inflicted upon by her only,

If any foe hem in this wrangle will be for better.

Still, space is there for gash in this wounded ticker,

I fear she does not hail it in open then it will be for better.

Whenever time recite about the lightning upon harvest,

Confident should transfer this upon God for better.

There is no influence of coquetry on groaning ticker,

This moonstruck must pass from the time for better.

There is gold candle someone fixed in heaven's air,

Nobody is going to praise that from this time for better.

By Rabindranath Banerjee(Ranjan)