Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)


Indian Classical Music

Dibrugarh Page-2

(December 1970)



Today it was the fourth day of our camping.


After the whole day of rigorous training, everybody went to sleep after having dinner.

I waited for few times, made sure that everyone was in deep sleep, I came out of the camp silently, and reached that place.


Hardly had I puffed two-three times, the sound of weeping started emerging. Time was 09.40 pm. Totally silence. Too cold. I drowsed the cigarette and went to the gate of ruins.


I repeated my yesterday's question and told, "Please answer me, I cannot visit daily."


Weeping stopped and I got my answer in a very husky voice.


"My name is Lalita(I have changed the name). Decade ago, in a fierce battle with British, soldiers entered here, they raped me and killed. I was working here as a cook. My soul is tired of this situation. Please help me to achieve salvation. At a time before many people used to visit this place, but now no one come here because of fear and rumors." The language of that voice was Bengali.


Up to that age, I was fully aware of salvation. I had witnessed many deaths in me family and friend circles.


I asked, "If you know then tell me your full name, your father's name, Gotra and zodiac sign.


The voice told me everything I asked for.


Then I asked, "I will arrange for each and every ritual for your salvation, but how I will come to know that you have achieved salvation?"


The voice answered, "The place where you are camping, just in front of that, a banyan tree is standing. In the lower trunk, there is hanging a circular branch. The moment I achieved the long waited salvation, it will fall on earth."    


I told, "Now I am going. I will arrange for the ritual tomorrow itself. May your soul be in peace."


The voice told,"Namaskar."


I found tears in my eyes.


I came back in camp and started trying to sleep, but in vain.


It was fifth day. After breakfast I narrated everything to my teacher and trainers. It was very difficult for them to believe. But the villagers authenticated my telling.


Then the teacher told, "Robin, the ritual you are planing is a deed of virtue and sacred. But there will be expenses. Who is going to arrange for money?"


I answered, "Sir, I have money.(Whenever I used to go out side of Calcutta(Now Kolkata), my darling, prophet, mentor Late grandmother, used to give me 100 rupees.(In 2021 it is 4400 rupees.) Then everyone offered support to me.


The villagers arranged for a local Pandit. I told him everything what that voice has narrated. Then he told that the expenses for that ritual will be rupees 80. I handed over that amount to him.


The Pooja started at 11.20 am. and concluded at 12.50 pm. The moment Pandit jee finished the mantra, that circular branch of banyan tree fell down with a heavy sound.


But after that nobody has permitted me to visit that ruined conclave again.


After training is over, I came back to home. I described everything to my grandmother.


She started smiling and told, "You are blessed my child. Always engage in virtuous deeds. God will be always with you."


At night when I went to sleep, there were tears in my eyes. I cannot forget that husky voice ever in my lifetime.